The Way from Lagoon to the Universe

By: Petr Horálek


Aitutaki, The Cook Islands

2014 August 28


From the photographer: "Here comes the memory, feels like a moment ago. 28th August 2014, strong wind in the Cook’s paradise. The night comes quickly. And it’s majestic. Just a few hours after the sunset and moonset, sky gets dark and the Milky Way with so many structures of dark nebulae ornaments it above a famous lagoon. Other galaxies – Magellanic Clouds and the Andromeda Galaxy – make the view with even stronger feeling of being close to the outerspace. Despite the strong wind, easily crooking mighty coconuts trees, that moment is like being on the way from the lagoon to the Universe. Colorful airglow make the sky even more romantic, it seems like a curtains in front of this natural window. No one could perfectly understand this experience without seeing it. Hopefully this picture brings at least a poetic way how to express my respect to this amazing spot in the world."
Petr Horálek

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