Red Sprites at La Silla Observatory

By: Petr Horálek


La Silla observatory, Chile

2015 January 20


From the photographer: "I had incredibly wonderful time under the La Silla Observatory sky on 19-20th January 2015. This time it was far more interesting than I expected. The wonderful colors of airglow waves showed up in my camera immediately, as it was so strong. Capturing the beautiful part of the southern Milky way I also had lot of shooting stars up above. Morning zodiacal light raised up while some flashing visible by eyes occurred low above the horizon. Looking back on the small screen of the camera I was just shocked. The powerful Red Sprites started to be produced by far thunderstorm. I finished the panorama and just tried to capture more of them. And I succeeded. What the unforgettable night!" Click the image-top constellation icon to see the rare red stripes.
Petr Horálek

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