The Praying Woman Monolith

By: Dario Giannobile


Sicily, Italy

2015 May 19


From the photographer: "Between the Mediterranean sea and the volcano Etna, the upland ofArgimusco stands towards the sky. An impressive and evocative place where different monoliths emerge from the ground. Recent studies demonstrated that the site has been used as a natural calendar in order to measure the seasons' cycle. In the next coming years the Argimusco could become the Mediterranean Stonehenge. Different shapes characterize the monoliths like this old rocky man looking at the sky. Some think that the monoliths have been shaped by wind and rain, other that they are man-made in order to represent the constellations on earth as in this case: The Praying Woman AKA Virgo." Click the constellation icon above the image to see the names of some celestial objects in the sky.
Dario Giannobile

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