The Ways in Izera Mountain

By: Petr Horálek


Izera Mountains, Czech Republic

2015 May 15


From the photographer: "Are there any dark places in the Czech Republic for the starry-sky photography? Well, this question can be answered in a few places known like „dark sky parks“, which are founded by lot of enthusiasts of the Czech Astronomical Society. One of those areas is Czech-Polish Izera Dark Sky Conservation in the Izera mountains, where the people can finally understand what they are missing in the cities down there. Unfortunately, the dark sky even in those parks isn’t even close dark as in Chile or the Cook Islands, but you can – at least – see the pillar of the Milky way in the summer nights. Like on this shot above the Pansky house, absolutely pleasant cottage with great people in it. While the planet Saturn rose up above the tree horizon on the right side of the image, there is noticeable the summer triangle of the stars Vega-Altair-Deneb on the left side high in the Milky way."
Petr Horálek

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