Mangaia: Enjoy the Calm

By: Petr Horálek


Mangaia, The Cook Islands

2014 August 25-26


From the photographer: "In the second half of the night, when Orion was rising above the ocean, I witnessed the absolute calm like standing on the end of the world. You can see a reflections of stars on calm lagoon from the cliff above Mangaia airport. In the middle of the image is the brightest star of night sky – Sirius. On right you see the Large Magellanic cloud, dwarf galaxy close to the southern celestial pole. On the left you find constellation Orion, the Bull and lovely star cluster Pleiades, in Maori language Matariki. Purple nebulae are so-called h-alpha regions of faintly shinning hydrogen in the nebulae. In the constellation Bull is faint zodiacal bridge, which continued to the morning column of the zodiacal light a few hours after. Just very far from me in the lagoon (above the big rock in the water) the earlier fishermen started to seek for their eel-traps. The low tide made them go for the haul in the deep night with a torch in their hands. Just imagine that: no noise from close bars, disco parties, no airplane in the sky (Mangaia is far away from almost all flight corridors), no music from a parking car. Just a hum from far and descending ocean. Enjoy the calm."
Petr Horálek

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