Souls of Pantalica

By: Dario Giannobile


Sicily, Italy

2015 May 29


From the photographer: "The Necropolis of Pantalica extends over some 1,200 m from north to south and 500 m from east to west in the region of Sortino. In the hilly terrain (caverns and precipices) and a natural environment of great beauty, about 5,000 tombs are visible, most of which have been hewn out of the rock face. Archaeological research has brought to light, in this zone, vestigial remains of dwellings from the period of Greek colonization. Materials of Mycenean origin and monumental structures were recognized, enabling the identification of the Anaktoron (Prince's Palace). Similarly, it has been possible to identify a period of reoccupation of the site in the 9th-10th centuries: the zone was in fact used for the defense against invasions of Sicily by the Arab armies. The idea behind the use of the light is to put the observer in the condition to feel the supernatural dimension of this magic place, the star trail transmits a feeling of time flowing. Click the constellation icon above the photo to see another view of the same landscape."
Dario Giannobile

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