Northland May Star Trails

By: Mike Shaw


Minnesota, USA

2015 May 22


From the photographer: "The clear, exceptionally dark skies of Minnesota's Northland are the perfect canvas for star gazing. As the sun slips below the horizon, the skies literally light up from the lights of thousands upon thousands of stars. By combining, or stacking, multiple exposures into a single image, the movement of the stars are neatly captured. Here, 399 30-second images were combined resulting in a total exposure of over three hours. The image was made using a 14-mm focal length setting on a 14-24 mm zoom lens, which accounts for the wide field of view. The other camera settings were an aperture (f-stop) of f/4 with an ISO of 1600 on a Nikon full-frame camera. The image was made facing generally north, so the stars appear to rotate in a counterclockwise direction around the North Star during the night. If you look carefully you’ll see several short streaks from shooting stars! And the large, bright track to the left is from Venus."
Mike Shaw

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