Arches Selfie

By: Manish Mamtani


Utah, USA

2015 March 22


A Notable Photo of the 2015 International Earth & Sky Photo Contest
From the photographer: "This image was taken at the North Window section in Arches National Park during my recent trip. My Photographer friend was not feeling good so I had to drop him back to the hotel. By the time I was back, all the clouds moved in. I was waiting for the clouds to clear and they finally did just an hour before sunrise. After taking all the pictures, I decided to go back and then on the way back I saw that milkyway was fading in the blue sky. I finally decided to take my last photo. I set up my camera on intervalometer and ran towards the north window. I kept the light on the ground to light up the window and stood there to be a part of the frame."
Manish Mamtani

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