A Cave with a View

By: J.J. Losada


Sagres, Portugal

2014 August 19


A Notable Photo of the 2015 International Earth & Sky Photo Contest
From the photographer: "It seems as if Cape St.Vincent (Portugal) has become a pilgrimage site. Every day, thousands of people come together in order to enjoy the extraordinary minutes right before the sunset. All eyes are on the bright sphere and the silence is only broken by the applause of those present once the sun sinks into the sea. Afterwards, this atmosphere is invaded by an uncontrolled haste and it looks as if everyone is escaping, looking for a better place to stay the night. If any of these people decided to wait there a bit longer, and leave enveloped by darkness, they would have the opportunity to contemplate the marvelous night sky over that place. And in summer adorned, of course, with the Milky Way.
This cave, located on the Beliche beach, in the very Cape St.Vincent, offers the visitors a shelter as well as impressive views of the night sky."
J.J. Losada

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