360 Degree Startrail Panorama

By: György Soponyai


Dömös, Hungary

2014 August 17-24


From the photographer: "My second all-sky startrail photo was taken between 17th and 24th August. Dömös is a village in the Danube Bend (Dunakanyar) located 45 km north from Budapest. The Dunakanyar is often considered as one of the most beautiful part of river Danube where it flows between Börzsöny Mountain and Visegrád Mountain.
I started the project on evening of 16th August by taking two hours of exposure turning the camera to northern direction towards the Börzsöny Mountain however the air was very humid and cloudly and I was not sastisfied with the poor result. On the next two nights the sky was crystall-clear so I went on photographing the southeastern and southwestern part of the scene. Every evening I started the photo session four minutes earlier so the visible position of stars were the same. (On the third night many friends of mine joined for baking some bacon, you can spot us in the southern part of the photo!)
When I started processing the raw images it became obvious that its impossible to make a good-looking result by using the first nights photos. So I went back to Dömös on 24th August in order to re-take the photos of the northern sky. In the previous six days the water level of the Danube decreased making the photo alignment complicated. But here is the result at last."
György Soponyai -

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