Venus in Zodiacal Light (at 35,000 ft)

By: Khalid Marwat


Jiwani, Pakistan

2014 August 8


From the photographer: "This photo is taken with Canon EOS 70D, 18-200mm lens set at 18mm, Pakistan Coast line near Jiwani. Camera is hand held from the cockpit at 35,000 feet from time 0530 am to 0531 (UTC+5). Before sunrise, Venus is shining brilliantly amongst the light glow of zodiacal light, rising from the horizon towards the feet of Gemini. Jupiter was too close to the sun, was yet to rise, and would result in loss of night, and in the ability to photograph the night sky. Sirius, and Procyon are also still below the horizon. Subtle glows of Rosette Nebula, Christmas Tree Nebula, M42, M43 and M35 are visible."
Khalid Marwat

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