Lunar Analemma

By: György Soponyai


Budapest, Hungary

2014/03/15 - 2014/04/15


From the photographer: "This January my first Solar Analemma project was completed at the bank of river Danube in Budapest, Hungary. The result picture can be seen here. Then I decided to go on by capturing the Lunar Analemma curve standing at the same location. I expected photographing the Moon during a whole Lunar month would require at least one or two years due to the terrible astro climate of my country, however the previous month I enjoyed the biggest luck in my life with the clouds. In the foreground an office building, the Hungarian National Theater, the Palace of Arts and the Eastern pillar of Rákóczi Bridge are visible."
Details: The Lunar photos were taken between 2014-03-15 and 2014-04-15, and the foreground in 2013-04-09 evening.
Foreground and Lunar disk wide field photos: Canon EOS 5D Mark II + Carl Zeiss Distagon 28/F2.8
Lunar closeup photos: Canon EOS 5D Mark II + Canon EF 200/F2.8 L
György Soponyai

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