Twilight at Dinosaur Provincial Park

By: Alan Dyer


Alberta, Canada

2012 August 30


From the photographer: "Subtle crepuscular rays (shadows from distant clouds or the mountains) cast across the sky shortly after sunset, as seen over the eroded badlands at Dinosaur Provincial Park, Alberta, Sept 30, 2012. This World Heritage site is home to the world's richest collection of late Cretaceous dinosaur fossils. This is one frame from a 450-frame time-lapse movie. Exposure was recorded by the camera as 1 second but it was likely less or more than that (but < 2s) as the camera was controlled by the Little Bramper bulb ramping intervalometer which adjusts exposures by micro-steps to create a smooth day to night transition in a time-lapse sequence."
Alan Dyer -

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