Moon Halo over Halo Island

By: Mahdi Zamani


Hormuz island, Iran

2012 March 23


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From the photographer: "The colorful 22-degree atmospheric halo of the moon is captured together with planets Venus and Jupiter over the strait of Hormuz in the Persian Gulf, Well known because of political tides over the middle east region. The name Hormuz is an island in this area. Hormuz is a piece of Paradise, believed by local citizens of the island. The island has a historic castle and eye catching natural scenes, but nowadays most of the people doesn't even know there is an island that the strait named after it; The island is faded in memories like a halo. The yellowish lights on the horizon belong to Qeshm island. While the week I was in Hormuz island I saw halo moon every night, considering high evaporation rate during days its not a hardly seen phenomenon in Hormuz."
Mahdi Zamani -

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