The Old Woman

By: Stavros Hios


Andros Island, Greece

2011 July 22


From the photographer: "Known as the Old Woman's Leap, this beach is one of the most popular to Andros island visitors because of the particular rock that stands imposingly in front of it. When the Turks occupied the island and tried to reach the castle at the top then (according to tradition) an old woman along with her pregnant daughter asked for help from the Greeks enclosed so when they opened their doors, the Turks invaded. The old lady by guilt for betraying jumped from the hill and petrified. This explains the existence of the strange rock that stands in the waters of the beach and, as the locals say, if you give up some of the angle profile resembles an elderly wearing the scarf, but I'll leave this to your imagination ...
On the right side that portion of the sky is the center of the Milky Way in Sagittarius. The old lady looks rather at the center of our galaxy ... Doesn't she?"
Stavros Hios -

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