Galaxy over Innsbruck

By: Johannes Gligoris


Stubai Alps, Austria

2012 July 27


From the photographer: "The Panorama shows a 360° view of the Salfeiner lake above Innsbruck and is made of 24 images in 3 rows. Despite the light pollution of the valley, above the town the northern Milky Way including constellations Perseus and Cassiopeia with Andromeda Galaxy 2.5 million light years away and to the left the Double Cluster are visible. Due to light pollution the center is colored more in red, while the clean sky areas are blue in this scene. In the right picture part you can see the mountains of the Kalkögel group and our home galaxy towards its center. Billions of stars, star clusters and nebulae all gather here. Altogether about 30 airplanes, satellites and meteors can be counted. Don`t miss this interactive 1.14 Gigapixel Virtual Reality of the scenery where you can zoom to the stars. But before, turn on your speakers. If you see a shooting star you have a wish free!"
Johannes Gligoris -

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