Auroral Show above Norway

By: Sebastian Voltmer


Kirkenes, Norway



From the photographer: "Here is the scene at the oldest Fjell (geological field) in the world near the Russian border to Norway. Unexpected at the last night of December 3rd to 4th: It wasn't predicated such an intensity of northern lights all over the sky near Kirkenes/Norway at the russian border. During moon set I saw faint streamers crossing the sky from east to west. After several hours suddenly the line brightened and new streamers appeared in just several seconds - an aurora explosion! I was surprised seeing a brightening snake forming an 'S', that appeared at 22.48 UT. Two days earlier, on December 1st, Jupiter was surrounded by streamers of green light. The November had ended with a heavy snowstorm. The December began with clear skies."
Sebastian Voltmer -

A time-lapse video of the event can be seen here.

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