Monsanto Moonset

By: Miguel Claro


Monsanto, Lisbon, Portugal

2011 May 11


From the photographer: This image was taken at a high point in the forest of Monsanto, where it operates an impressive antenna over 120 meters tall, responsible for the transmission of digital terrestrial television. In the picture we can see the trail of the moon in its first quarter phase, as well as the bright star Regulus, to its right. At the top left of the image we see trails of the planet Saturn and the star Porrima. Visible at upper right are trails from several stars of the constellation Ursa Major. In the center of the image, to the right of Regulus, you can see an airplane's light trail mixed with the star trails, which coincidentally follows a similar path to the star trails. A meteor trail can be seen near the top of the antenna." - Miguel Claro

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