Full Moon over Faisal Mosque

By: Khalid P Marwat


Islamabad, Pakistan

2007 January 03


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From the photographer: "The rise of the full Moon over a familiar foreground is always dramatic. Islmabad's moonrise very rarely shows the hills of Daman-e-Koh and its famous landmark, Faisal Mosque, in the foreground. But it can happen in winter when the full moon is at its extreme north position - further north of the ecliptic. This view is looking northeast. The full moon generally rises much to the right (south) of this position. Two peculiar situations helped; winter's full moon and the moon's northernmost position on its five-degree-inclined orbit with respect to the ecliptic. These two reasons ensured this breathtaking view." - Khalid P Marwat / Karachi Astronomers Society

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