Astronomical Observatory of Lisbon

By: Miguel Claro


Lisbon, Portugal

2011 April 09


From the photographer: "The historic Astronomical Observatory of Lisbon (AOL) is considered one of the world's most beautiful astronomical heritage sites. The observatory was designed by French architect Jean Colson, using inspiration from the building of the Russian Observatory in Pulkova. Its construction began in 1861. The central building of the AOL includes a circular room (whose vault is richly worked) which supports the weight of a large equatorial refractor telescope with on objective lens 38-cm in diameter and 7-meters in focal length. It's mounted on a movable structure with 360-degrees rotation, and all worked in iron. The historic preservation of this heritage is accomplished through guided tours to the AOL museum. All moving structures are still functioning as originally designed. Nothing has changed, been replaced by new solutions, or even by modern materials." - Miguel Claro

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