Stars Above the Monastery of St. George

By: Stavros Hios


Vourgareli Arta, Greece

2011 March 26


From the photographer: "The Monastery of Saint George (1200 AD) has its own contribution to Greek history: There according delivery - the chieftains gathered Tzoumerka and Radovyzion (region of Arta Greece) George Karaiskakis, Gogos Bakolas, Koutelidas, Tray, Rangos, Koutsonikas and others with the lads, hoisted the flag of the revolution of 1821 against the Turkish conquerors. On this night the sky was hazy and I had to play some hide and seek with it. The imposing gate of the monastery opens up the entrance to the glorious past history. Distinguished from the sky and right over the tree is Auriga, with the brightest star Capella. Perseus and Pleiades can also be seen in the photo." - Stavros Hios

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