Island Star Traces

By: Mahdi Zamani


Naz Islands, Qeshm, Iran

2010 March 21


From the photographer: "How do you spend your New Year's eve? When everyone in Iran was celebrating Nowruz I was alone with an island, under a starry sky, and with my camera and tripod. Just 100 meters from Qeshm island in the Persian Gulf are the twin Naz islands located in the wild saline waters there. Each one of the islands has 120 meters length and both of them are inhabitable. During daylight fishermen can be seen repairing their accessories there. This image captured one of the Naz islands as seen from the other. During almost 4 hours exposure about 4 ships passed across the horizon and made the horizon more visible with a bright line. Four airplane traces show the way to Dubai. The southern star trails made this photo as a full trace scene." - Mahdi Zamani

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