Emerging False Dawn

By: Ajay Talwar, Nilesh Vayada


Hanle, Ladakh, Jammu & Kashmir, India

2010 November 11


From the photographers: The time-lapse video starts at midnight and continues till 05:26 IST, 11th November 2010. False Dawn can be detected in the video as early as 02:18 IST, when the Sun was 55deg below horizon. Slowly the triangular column of light increases and becomes brighter than the Milky Way. Zodiacal Light appears so bright at Hanle that it would seem to be casting shadows, and visible till Zenith. Just slightly detached from the circular glow of Gegenschein. Finally the actual dawn would arrive (in the video), spread all over the eastern horizon - unlike the false dawn which would be concentrated only near the zodiac constellations. The Himalayan Chandra Telescope can be seen working and moving in the duration of this video, controlled from Hosakote near Bangalore in southern India, via the Insat Satellite." - Ajay Talwar, Nilesh Vayada

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