Lisbon Light Pollution Panorama

By: Miguel Claro


Almada, Lisboa Portugal

2010 February 17


From the photographer: "Eight images taken in February 2010 were assembled for this panoramic view of Lisbon, Portugal, showing the serious problem of local light pollution. The most visible stars in the scene (from left to right) are Hamal, Sheraton, Mirach, Shedir and Caph, Kocab and Pherkad, Mizar and Alkaid, Cor Caroli and, above the rocky cliff at right, the star Denebola.

In the scene (from left to right) you can see the Christ the King monument, and the great "Ponte 25 de Abril" bridge above the Tagus River that connects the south edge of Lisbon, Almada, to the Capital of Portugal, Lisbon, at right.

A Virtual Reality (VR) image of this scene can be viewed here" - Miguel Claro

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