Arrabida Mountains Lights

By: Miguel Claro


Serra da Arrabida, Setubal, Portugal

2010 March 26


From the photographer: "I took this series of images on March 26, 2010 on the top of a mountain range known as Serra da Arrábida. The Arrábida Natural Park sits on the northern slope of the Sado River estuary, 40km south of Lisbon, near Setúbal, Portugal. The park was founded in 1976 and covers 108 square kilometers (41.7 miles). The highest point in the park is marked by Serra da Arrábida, 499 m (1637 ft) high. The park covers the Arrábida Hills, which mediterranean-like vegetation and micro-climate, resemble Adriatic locations such as Dalmatia. In 2004 a fire destroyed a significant part of the park, which is now slowly recovering.

I pointed the camera facing southwest-west. The moon was 4 days from being full and therefore already very bright in the sky (illuminating the scene). We can also see the road with a ghostly light, caused by the passage of a car, giving a very interesting appearance to the image." - Miguel Claro

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