Lisbon Sky Lights

By: Miguel Claro


Almada, Lisbon, Portugal

2010 February 17


This image is one of the winning selections from the 2011 International Earth and Sky Photo Contest

From the photographer: "In this lovely scene of Lisbon we can enjoy the path of the crescent moon until the moon sets behind the great 25 April Bridge ( Ponte 25 de Abril ) that connects the south edge of Lisbon, Almada at the left side to the Capital of Portugal, Lisbon, at right. As you can see in the image we have a lot of activity in the sky with many aircraft crossing the heavens in direction to the Lisbon airport. One of these turned on the lights in the moment of its passing near the Moon, making an interesting pattern in the sky. The activity also includes the path of a ship that can be seen along the horizon line through the Tagus River, near the port of Lisbon, in direction of the Atlantic Ocean. The path of many stars from Andromeda constellation can also be seen, as well as those from Pegasus and Aries." - Miguel Claro

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