Historic Aqueduct of Amoreira

By: Miguel Claro


Elvas, Alentejo, Portugal

2009 July 23


From the photographer: "This panoramic picture was obtained in the town of Elvas, Portugal, 200km East of Lisbon and bordering with the Spanish town of Badajoz. We can see from left to right, the important Aqueduct of Amoreira, built in the XV century, connects the region of Amoreira to the city of Elvas. It has 843 arches over arcades and five towers, 31 meters high, with a total length of about eight kilometers. In 1542 the aqueduct construction reached the Convent of San Francisco, in the image on the right, near the crescent moon which is only 4% illuminated and contrasting with a soft orange light of sunset." - Miguel Claro

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