Southern Sky at Alains Astrofarm

By: Sighard Schraebler


San Pedro, Chile



From the photographer: "Earlier in this year I visited Alains Astrofarm in San Pedro, Chile (23 south), where we used the 60cm Cassegrain (see image). Through this marvelous instrument I could see structures in the Homunculus Nebula around Eta Carinae! In the left background, where there is so much light, you see the ALMA basecamp from where Radio telescopes are brought to the 5100m plane of Chajnantor. In the middle background there is the settlement of Toconao and far away on the right side you see the lights of Sociedad Quimica Minera (SQM) where Lithium is prospected at the far end of Salar de Atacama around 100km away." Sighard Schraebler

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