Milky Way from San Pedro de Atacama

By: Saevar Helgi Bragason


San Pedro de Atacama, Chile

2007 July 4


From the photographer: "The southern Milky Way seen from San Pedro de Atacama in Chile is a gorgeous sight. The Atacama desert is without a doubt one of the best places in the world to see the wonders of the night sky. Here, Frenchman Alain Maury (runner of SpaceObs in San Pedro de Atacama) gives tourists a tour of the southern sky. On this image, the constellations Centaurus and the Southern Cross with the Coalsack, a dark molecular cloud in between. Look closely just above the tree and you'll see the faint pink nebula NGC 3372: the Carina Nebula." Saevar Helgi Bragason

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