Moon Approaches Planets

By: Stephan Heinsius


2008 November 30

Hessen, Germany


The young crescent moon prepared to meet the bright planets Jupiter and Venus in evening skies over Dreieichenhain, southern Hessen, Germany. As noted by the photographer "While Venus was in conjunction with the second brightest planet Jupiter, and 24 hours before the moon went in front of Venus for a rare occultation, the new moon showed up in the window of the 950-year old castle ruins of Burg Hayn. A bit of light shines through the back window of the castle church, as 1st Advent service was in preparation during the exposures. The castle church was rebuilt in the early 18th century after its predecessor burned down by a fire accident. Today the castle ruins with its church are one of the major attractions in the southern Rhein-Main area around Frankfurt/Main." Stephan Heinsius

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