Keppel Henge Star Trails

By: Steve Irvine


Ontario, Canada

April 2008


Circumpolar star trail photo above a new made henge, designed similar to these ancient monuments, many related to the ancient sky watchers. As noted by the photographer and artist "Keppel Henge is a large, megalithic circle that I built with my friend Bill Loney in 1999, in Big Bay, Ontario. The Sun's shadow from the central pointer stone falls on the different megaliths at different times of the year to mark the seasons. This photo shows 61 minutes of star trails above the henge on April 23, 2008. It is a compilation of 183 twenty second exposures for a total of about 400 MB of image data. I have used Canon 350D camera at ISO 800 and 20mm lens set to f/3.2 for the sequence". Steve Irvine

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