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Updated June 2017

The TWAN Guest Gallery is a very popular free service provided by TWAN. We want to see your Earthly world at night through your camera and share it with our many visitors from around the globe!

We are looking for the best photos from your part of the world, where we can see your unique nighttime celestial sky above scenic, natural, cultural, or historic Earthly landscapes. Visit our Education Page for creating TWAN-style imagery and to see examples of Guest Gallery photos that we like to see.

The following details are important for the publication of your photo submission. Please follow these instructions completely and provide as much of this information as possible in your initial email to us. Please AVOID using ALL UPPER CASE text in your information.

In sending submissions to TWAN you are obliged to be the author and copyright owner of the image(s) submitted.

Details (copy and paste this list into your email):

●  A single-exposure image or a photo-composite? Technical details:

●  Suggested title for the photo:
●  Photographer's web site:
●  Photographer's email address:
●  May we link to your email address? (yes/no)
●  Name(s) of the photographer(s):
●  Date the photo was taken (year/month/day):
●  Location and country where the photo was taken:
●  Brief description of what appears in the photo:
●  Web site(s) relating to the foreground subject:


   Photo instructions
Attach to your email a 1000 pixels wide or tall JPG photo file with minimal JPG compression. You can submit panoramic photos that are more than 1200 pixels wide or tall and we will re-size them appropriately. Please do not include a watermark logo, name text, or photo border. Rest assured that the photographer's name(s) will be added to the photo, just as we have done throughout the Guest Gallery. Please give your photo file(s) a unique identifying name other than 1.jpg, 2.jpg, etc., and submit your latest images using new emails (not through replys or forwards to previous emails).

If you have a VR (virtual reality) or time-lapse video of a scene that is in the style of TWAN then please submit a representative photo of the video/VR with a web site URL to the video/VR itself. The photo should be taken from the actual video/VR, and we prefer it to be at least 900 pixels wide or tall.

Please note that the information you provide may be edited, and that it may be several weeks before we have the chance to process your photo submission. Your patience and understanding is appreciated! We encourage you to send us your very best unique work but please do not feel discouraged if your work is not selected this time around.

Before submitting your photo(s) you should first have a look at some examples of Gallery images that meet the criteria for TWAN-style photos.

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