Guest Gallery

Location: New Delhi, India


A Time-lapse at the Qutub

by: Vikas Chander

Video Clip

Crescent Venus over Secretariat Building

by: Abhinav Singhai

Conjunction at Qutub (photo sequence)

by: Vikas Chander

Polar Trails from Ancient Observatory

by: C. B. Devgun

Winter Eclipse in City Lights

by: C. B. Devgun and Sachin Bahmba

TLE over Safdarjung

by: Atish Aman, Priyam Malhotra

Total Eclipse over Safdarjung's Tomb

by: Atish Aman, Priyam Malhotra

Moon at Qutb Minar

by: Atish

Moon and Planets above New Delhi

by: Ajay Talwar

Venus Moon Conjunction Panorama

by: Atish and Tarun Chawla

Moon and Venus in New Delhi

by: Atish




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