Guest Gallery

Location: La Palma, Spain


Pan Roque de Los Muchachos Observatory

by: Antonio González

Milky Way Over Galileo National Telescope

by: Jose Jimenez Priego

Looking Southward

by: Kai Stockrahm

Galileo and the Milky Way

by: Jochen Stein

Loving the Stars

by: Ana García Suárez

Perseids over the Observatory

by: Toño González

The Witness!

by: Mohamed Shahin

Milky Way, Venus and a Meteor

by: Kazushige Niitsuma

How to Get to Polaris

by: James McCormac

Night Skies above Faro Lighthouse

by: Christoph Malin

Moonlit Deseada II at La Palma

by: Christoph Malin

Volcano Deseada I in Moonlight

by: Christoph Malin

Telescopes on La Palma

by: Pascal Christian




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