Guest Gallery

Location: Beijing, China


The Last Crescent Moon of the Year

by: Zheng Zhi

Milky Way Over Great Wall at Simatai

by: Haitong Yu

Golden Moon (photo sequence)

by: Zheng Zhi

Exploring the Unknown of the Universe

by: Xiao Qiang

Moonlit Geminids (composite)

by: Haitong Yu

Milky Way Train

by: Xiao Qiang

Star Trails over the Ancient Gate

by: Shuke Wang

Star Trails over Mutianyu Great Wall

by: Zhou Yannan

Here it is: Our Home Galaxy

by: Zhuoxiao Wang

Star Trails over CHNCPA

by: Sihan Zhou

Gemini and Orion over Great Wall of China

by: Steed Yu

Double Iridium Flash over Beijing

by: Li Xin

Starry Night over Great Wall

by: Steed Yu

Startrails over Beidou Peak

by: Michael Dai

Eclipse over the Imperial Palace

by: Chao Zhang

Eclipse and Star Trails over China

by: Jingwei Zhang

Iridium Flash above Forbidden City

by: Zhao Zhonghua

ISS on Valentines Day Eve

by: Xiang Zhan




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