Milky Way and Friends

From the photographer: Ottobeuren. In Ottobeuren there is a big church and a monastery. Of course the abbey is illuminated, but at 10 pm they turn of the illumination and then Ottobeuren gets quit dark. So it is possible only 400m outside the town, to shot such a nice scene. Notice the constellation Scorpius with Antares in the middle of the sky, followed from the left by the Milky way and on the right you can see Jupiter near its opposition."
Technical details: Composite from a single shot with 120s for the night sky with ISO 1600 and 30s for the chapel, but only because of the rotation of the earth to get the foreground also sharp. Camera Canon EOS 80D, Samyang 14mm @f4.0 my fault, should have been 2.8
Robert Blasius

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