Silent Night

<b>A Notable Photo of the 2016 International Earth & Sky <a href=Photo Contest
From the photographer: "I was photographing animals at an African drinking station at night, with remote controlled equipment designed especially for this purpose. I worked on this project for 18 nights, taking 15,000 images. The biggest difficulty was that the exposure times were around 40 seconds, and the animals seldom stayed in the same place for such a long time.
Species, that can be hardly captured may be attractive and rise people’s interest and motivate them to discover an unknown world. it is important for me to take pictures that show the known animals in new perspectives, rare moments and interesting behavior. Hopefully it might help to bring them close to urban people who got far from nature.
Technical details: Camera: NIKON D800, Lens: 15mm f/2.8 D, Shutter: 44.9, Aperture: 6.3, ISO: 1600"
Bence Máté

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